Achieve energy goals with confidence for a sustainable and profitable future

The power grid of the last century is failing you

VECKTA is the energy transition platform that delivers actionable onsite energy insights and access to vetted suppliers so businesses can:

Gain Energy Independence

Businesses lost $150B last year from grid outages, which have increased 10 fold in
the last 20 years.

Save Money

Electricity costs are increasing, with rate hikes as much as 46% observed over the last year.

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Be More Sustainable

Consumers favor sustainable companies, and they outperform industry peers on gross profit, EBITDA, and net profit.

What our clients are saying

GridSwitch Accelerates Project Modeling With VECKTA

Utilizing the VECKTA platform for initial project modeling significantly expedited the modeling process. Typically, discussions with potential customers and the acquisition of all necessary information (bills, interval data, site pictures, site drawings, etc.) to perform modeling can take anywhere from a few days to multiple months through a customer. With this information pre-populated in the VECKTA platform, we were able to respond faster, more comprehensively, and at a lower cost.

Kyle Clement

VECKTA brought simplicity to a complex supply environment.

To maximize the value of our Elizabeth Creek project, CODA needs to deliver renewable energy solutions with guaranteed reliability and at low cost. VECKTA helped us understand our options, balance trade-offs between different alternatives, and make the best decisions for our business free of any bias from suppliers with vested interests.

Grant Harding

VECKTA’s platform a pipeline worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

VECKTA's prioritization, assessment and analytics platform is unlocking and validating a project pipeline that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Their technology, global market data and expertise help us deliver value in a rapidly changing landscape. Every business needs better energy outcomes, and VECKTA translates our customers’ ambitions into action.

Pranav Vaidya

Optimal solution that aligns with the customer’s requirements

VECKTA’s platform provides GE access to a wide variety of customers with clearly defined project goals. This enables GE to provide an optimal solution that aligns with the customer’s requirements and enables them to achieve their desired outcome.

Nathan Dunn

Access to highly qualified vendors was absolutely critical for confidence

I understand the business that [suppliers] are going through a lot better, which frankly makes me a better customer. Going through the process, going through the evaluation and being able to get access to highly qualified vendors was absolutely critical for confidence.

Kevin McGee

VECKTA’s initial Report has proven to be a valuable tool

It has been a pleasure working with the VECKTA Team during the feasibility study. VECKTA's initial report has proven to be a valuable tool in assisting Macarthur with their power supply deliberations and decisions for the feasibility study.

Robert Ellis

VECKTA is your guide through the energy transition

Navigating the energy transition alone is overwhelming. The path is different for every business.

Getting it right means finding and selecting the right energy partners, and verifying that your business is getting the value it needs over time. VECKTA allows business leaders to avoid expensive, slow, and biased traditional approaches. We put you in charge. Empowering you to deploy the optimal energy solution for your business.

Get answers in days, not months

Fast track your energy transition plan and get answers specific to your location(s), budget and energy goals.

They compete. You win

Engage the market. Our diverse marketplace of suppliers and experts ensures you get the most competitive pricing.

We're agnostic. You're in charge

All suppliers on the VECKTA platform have been vetted. You select the best long-term partner(s) for your project.

Get your onsite energy project in front of the right suppliers on VECKTA

VECKTA makes your project a priority for the top suppliers. The best suppliers are busy, and don’t have time to chase clients with unclear needs, excessive processes, and poor feedback on proposals.

Solution Aligned

Receive focused proposals from the best suppliers. VECKTA prioritizes sites and solutions, so energy users know what they are looking for, saving time, effort and money.

Friction Minimized

Soft costs kill projects. According to NREL, on average over 43% of the cost of onsite energy systems are soft costs”. The VECKTA Marketplace helps you to reach agreements simply and quickly, keeping soft costs low.

Continuous Improvement

Energy users get better options today thanks to suppliers’ access to VECKTA’s market insights. Plus suppliers on VECKTA get feedback on every proposal they submit, even if they are unsuccessful.

A Collaborative Core
VECKTA is purpose built to enable more great projects to be built, sooner. Suppliers collaborate to extend and expand the value they deliver to energy users, improving outcomes across the market.

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