Energy Systems For Food Manufacturing: McCain Foods

Who Is McCain Foods?

McCain Foods is a global food manufacturer serving more than 160 countries across the globe.  Founded Feb 23, 1957, in Florenceville Canada, McCain has 22,000 employees in 160 countries, with $7.6 billion in sales. The company is still family-owned, and has its global headquarters in Toronto, with its U.S. headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

You may not have heard of McCain before, but you’ve probably eaten one of their french fries at some point in your life. McCain loves fries, and they make millions of them!

What are McCain Foods Energy & Sustainability Goals?

It also takes a lot of energy to make, store, and transport all those fries.  And it has a significant environmental impact.  Anything McCain can do to increase the sustainability, reliability, and cost certainty of their operations has a huge potential upside for their business, and the planet.

VP of Global External Affairs and Sustainability Charlie Angelakos described McCain’s outlook on the role of sustainability in business.

“Good ethics is good business, and that drives our passion to produce delicious, planet-friendly food.”

Charlie Angelakos, McCain Foods

McCain’s Global Sustainability Report

In their 2019 Global Sustainability Report, McCain has committed to a 50% reduction of carbon emissions from all operations by 2030. Meeting that goal is possible, but not without massive planning and coordination with hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers, and storage facilities around the world. Couple this with the need to navigate the varied regulatory environments in multiple countries, across multiple continents…

There is a lot of room for error, potential cost overruns, missed deadlines, and other project-related issues.

Information asymmetry is also endemic in the marketplace for energy systems. Suppliers work with energy systems every day, yet buyers only enter the marketplace for a short window of time. This creates multiple opportunities in the purchasing process for miscommunication, mistakes, and unnecessary project delays.


The Path Forward for McCain

As McCain moves into the next chapter of investment in their goals they face some big challenges. And while energy strategy is global, energy projects are local, so McCain needs a scalable way to implement individual energy projects. At the top of the lists of key concerns for McCain:

  • Understand what energy systems components are right for them across the Org.
  • Source the best suppliers to ensure the right results.
  • Navigate Local Regulatory Environments

By working with VECKTA companies like McCain address many of the key challenges they face when designing and building energy systems to meet their sustainability goals.

VECKTA marketplace users get instant access to pre-vetted suppliers, tools to right size their system, and a network of knowledgeable experts. VECKTA arms you with the right information so you can feel confident you’ve purchased the right energy system for your organization.

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