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Stay tuned for this weekly energy vlog series from VECKTA’S CEO and Founder Gareth Evans, covering everything from energy resilience, VECKTA updates, energy transition, life updates, and more.

KidGlov Agency for Change Podcast: Gareth Evans, CEO and Founder, VECKTA

Creating the roadmap for this massive migration to renewable energy is no small task. But VECKTA is doing its part, by helping businesses make the switch to cleaner, greener power sources. Tune in to hear how VECKTA is helping businesses gain energy independence, preparing for the next big trend in the energy industry, and solidifying its long-term vision for the energy transition

Vlog 45 – Networking, bikes and coffee!

The power of networking….LinkedIn to mountain bike trails to coffee. Love sharing war stories and learning from and with other Entrepreneurs working to positively impact the world!

Vlog 44 – Life efficiency

Vlog 43 – Fire it up…. awesome way to start the day!

Amazing way to start the day … breathing, mindfulness, cold plunge and awesome company!

Vlog 42 – Work life integration, bike and views to start the day

Vlog 41 – Energy Transition – 4Ds





Vlog 40 – EU Green Deal Industrial Plan be US Inflation Reduction Act

Vlog 39 – What is the Energy Transition?

Vlog 38 – California Net Metering

Vlog 37 – HNY 2023 & Shock to the System

After a Xmas break the first week of the new year was exciting and exhausting! Who else felt the impact of ramped cognitive load, back to routine, early mornings, school drops and more!

Big year ahead….. to find peak flow we need to go through that struggle and release! Game on for 2023.

Vlog 36 – NYE 2022 – Finishing on a high!

Finishing 2022 on a high with a family #murph #workout some #breathe work, #coldplunge and a hot tub!

Vlog 35 – Happy Holidays! 

A holiday greeting, and a challange issued  from our Founder & CEO  Gareth Evans.   Watch to learn more…

Vlog 34 – Vertical Parcour!

First time I have ever seen a workout concept like this at a hotel. Awesome idea and I really enjoyed it. Tough workout. Well done Me and All Hotel in #dusseldorf let’s see more hotels trying new concepts like this!

Great way to stay fit on the road and get a workout in before the World Cup games. Come on ???????!

Vlog 33 – Enlit Europe Conference Day 2

-Few reflections on day 1 (most interesting quote from a panel yesterday when asked about the status of the energy transition – “over exuberance and commitments backed up by incompetence” – really interesting observation and aligns with our mission at VECKTA to overcome these challenges and ensure busienss leaders around the world, with pain points and commitments, are provided with incredible insights, data to make informed decisions and the ability to contract with the leading suppliers in the market to achieve more profitable and sustainable outcomes quickly and cost effectively. It is also very inspiring to see the talent and capabilities at the conference, feels like there is a lot of competence in the “room” – all the ingredients exist for the energy transition we need to pull them together to drive action and outcomes!).

-Frankfurt Xmas markets – pretty awesome!

Vlog 32 – Heading to Enlit Europe

En-route to Frankfurt for the Enlit Europe conference where I will be speaking and VECKTA has a booth. Really looking forward to connecting with the community here in Europe to challenge limits and collaborate to accelerate and simplify the energy transition for businesses throughout the Region and beyond.

Stay tuned and I will keep you posted throughout the week. If you are at the conference, DM me or stop by and say hello!

Strange to be traveling for work, it’s been a while!

Vlog 30 – Meet Dan Roberts

Dan is a unique and amazing individual who doesn’t do things by half’s, he goes all in! Dan is a husband, father, avid sailor, executive MBA student and building an incredible sales and marketing team for VECKTA! He and the team care deeply about empowering our customers – always listening, learning, challenging and empathizing to streamline business leaders to turn objectives into more sustainable and profitable energy solutions! AND do so in a quick, cost effective and trusted manner with a fantastic experience.

He is an incredible leader, learner, sales professional and committed to a more sustainable and thriving energy future. Love his passion, commitment and energizer energy. Inspiring stuff!

Vlog 29 – Meet Nick Aschenbach

Nick was VECKTAs first external hire and was responsible for writing the first lines of code. Fast forward a few years and he is Heading up our Engineering, Design and Product teams. Nick has the exciting and challenging role of deciphering feedback, pain points and opportunities identified by our customers, suppliers, Sales and Ops team and createing the roadmap, concepts, prototypes and engineered product. Tough role but one that Nick is thriving in!

Great guy who is passionately learning about #stoicism and challenging his personal limits in the #pilates studio, sometimes multiple times a day!

Vlog 28 – Meet Felipe Sarubbi

Felipe is an incredible human…. He is amazing in the virtual world but spending time together in person was incredible. He has extensive on-site and smart grid energy expertise and a deep understanding of how the industry works. Felipe is masterminding for VECKTA how we continuously improve the design and deployment of energy solutions for our customers.

He referenced the #wolfpack analogy and #nomatterwhat which I will share more about in separate vlogs.

Felipe won’t mind me saying he did not feel super comfortable recording this, loved how he challenged his limits.

Vlog 27 – Meet Lilian – New VECKTA marketing intern

Last week spending time with the team I took the opportunity to record some moments with several team members. I will share them over the next week or so… so you can get to know them and get some first hand reflections, learnings, insights and updates. I am excited to start with Lilian Luong – Lilian is our new intern and her first week was straight in at the deep end. She got to spend the week with the team, get the crash course in all things VECKTA and the energy industry, and truly immerse herself into our culture and gain an appreciation for our vision and mission. Really enjoyed seeing Lilian grow throughout the week, connect with the team, the energy she brought and the great perspectives.

I am excited to see how Lilian will continue to contribute to our growth and use the opportunity to accelerate her learnings and career. At VECKTA we are committed and passionate about building the next generation of top talent in a diverse and empowered environment to create a thriving future! Thanks to our partners at Cleantech San Diego and SDSU for supporting us with great connections and introductions!

Meet Lilian!

Vlog 26 – VECKTA Fall Summit 2022 – Team Togetherness

Team VECKTA was formed and has grown completely remotely the last few years. For just the second time in our history we brought the whole team together for a working week.

Lots of learnings, strategizing and planning for the next phases of our growth but the standout success was time together.

Relationship building, real time interactions, getting to know each other outside of just a work setting are priceless. Living and working together under one roof really accelerates the experience and led to incredible morale, commitment and collaboration.

Excited to pull this energy and experience through to the virtual environment as much as we can.

If you are a virtual team… what do you do to drive greater togetherness, build culture and pull real-life connections back into the virtual environment?

Vlog 25 – Time with Team!

Second all team meeting in our company history. Meeting team mates for the first time that have worked together for over 2 years! Amazing opportunity to connect, reflect and come together around the next big push.

Huge confusion around the enegy transition right now… what’s possible, where to begin, who to work with. We are challenging limits to simplify and unlock the on-site energy sector at scale!

I will share updates from our team meeting throughout the week.

Vlog 24 – best made plans don’t always work out…

You have a goal/objective, you come up with a game plan to achieve it, you work the plan, your feeling good and then a variable out of your control scuppers it.

This weekend I was meant to compete in a Spartan Beast race. A few months of training left me feeling good and ready to go but at soccer on Thursday I took an impact to my leg and not being able to compete.

Morale of the story…. You can’t control everything and often the best made plans don’t play out as you expect. We need to be adaptable and take the positives in the face of adversity.

For me… I got to watch Mel and E, who did awesome and I am super proud of them both. I am in good shape as a result of the training and really enjoyed the process regardless of the final outcome.

Vlog 23 – Backpacking Adventure in Sequoia NP. Fall 2022

Leading a business you are working 25/8 whether you want to or not. There is always something on your mind and when not managed it is easy for this to lead to a lot of mental noise, micro thinking, fatigue and reactionary responses. For me, being in nature and going on adventures is one of the best ways to get back to high performance flow….step back and see the bigger picture, be more proactive and strategic, process ideas on my mind, be creative, get inspired and recover (even when you are physically challenging yourself).

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going on a backpacking weekend with one VECKTAs board members and investors, Paul Voois. An incredible way to get to know one another more deeply and more quickly, discuss business and learn from one another while sharing some incredible experiences.

It is amazing what can be achieved in a weekend and what is in our backyards. It can often feel like a lot of work but it is always worth it! Work does not have to be done in the confines of an office and often the best ideas, relationships and opportunities come outside of it. Here are a few snippets of the trip.

Vlog 22 – Energy Resilience

Energy Resiliance. In the last few weeks we have seen entire communities without power in E.Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, California – amounting to millions of people, safety issues and huge economic losses.

Prior to this year, which I expect may be higher, the estimated annual cost of power outages for businesses in the US alone was $150B / yr. This is staggering! Business and community resilience can not be achieved by buying carbon credits or offsite power purchase agreements. Resilience comes in the form of on-site energy and smarter grid infrastructure. Check out the vlog to learn more and explore how we can create a more resilient energy future, assess and prioritize where we invest, design solutions for specific objectives and let’s not just rebuild the same infrastructure that was just wiped out – it is only going to happen again and likely more frequently. Let’s adapt with purpose – adaptation does not need to come at a negative cost, let’s ensure this change is sustainable and profitable!

Also, wedding anniversary (14 years!) and dad and lad flying solo together.

Vlog 21 – Personal Resilience

Resilience has been on my mind a lot the last few weeks…. Energy resilience, business resilience, economic resilience and personal resilience. This vlog is about personal resilience at the end of a 14km run in the build up to the Spartan Beast event in October. We will talk about resilience in the other areas over the weeks.

Vlog 20 – Sweet are the uses of adversity

Escalating energy costs, adversity, opportunity and the importance of adapting with purpose.

Vlog 19 – Energy challenges in the western US due to hot temperatures and back to team sport!

Energy grid challenges due to very hot and unseasonal conditions in the western US, peak energy consumptions and impacts. As we electrify everything, energy demands are only going to increase. Highlighting the need to transition the energy system purposefully and realistically.

First game of soccer (footy) in 8 years, excited to play with the Scripps Ranch Old Pros. Great to put on the Everton shirt and cleats (boots) again.

Vlog 18 – Web 1 to 3 transition and similarities and opportunities with the energy transition.

Web 1 to Web 3

Energy Transition




Vlog 17 – High Performing Routines

Summer drawing to a close, vacations over, kids back to school…. Trials and tribulations of getting back into a routine.

Vlog 16 – Reconnecting with people, nature and myself

Great trip to Colorado and the reflections on the importance of reconnecting with each other post covid.

Vlog 15 – all about the community

Hospitality, awesome people, community and value creation.

Vlog 14 – Closed our Seed Raise and taking advantage of remote work.

VECKTA closed our Seed Raise. Time to get back to growing the business!

Vlog 13 – Happy 2022 – Big Year Ahead

New year, fresh start, mega opportunities ahead

Vlog 12 – California International Marathon

New year, fresh start, mega opportunities ahead

Vlog 11 – Thanksgiving 2021

Thanks to our investors, customers and team- always humbled and proud!

Vlog 10 – VECKTA 2 yr Anniversary

Thanks to our investors, customers and team- always humbled and proud!

Vlog 9 – Energy Transition Pressure Mounts

Stakeholder pressure on governments and businesses to deliver a successful energy transition.

Vlog 8 – Startup San Diego Pitch Competition

VECKTA elevator pitch – won 3rd place

Vlog 7 – Mental Health

Mental health – some reflections and personal experiences. Break the stigma!

Health, mental and physical is super important and should be everyone’s priority. Last week was #mentalhealthday2021 so I wanted to share some stats, reflections and personal experiences.

One of the best ways to challenge the stigmas relating to mental health is to share, would love to hear any other personal stories and advice!

Loads of good resources out there, in the comments below, check out a great free and on demand webinar.

Vlog 6 – Energy Security

Energy crisis are beginning around the world – coal, gas… compounding supply crunches for food, shipping and home/business energy.

Vlog 5 – The cost of severe weather events

The cost of severe weather events and emission reduction opportunities.

Vlog4 – Thrills & Spills

How a mountain bike crash made me reflect on team, culture, hiring, retention and more.

Vlog 3 – What do motorbikes and startups have in common?

Hanging out with Dan Roberts, quality time together and what do motorbikes and startups have in common?

Vlog 2 – Grit and Gratitude

Grit and Gratitude

Vlog 1 – Hurricane Ida, Energy Impacts, Visualization and Enduro Racing

Brian Head Enduro Mountain Bike Race, Hurricane Ida’s impacts on energy customers, VECKTA updates and the practice and power of vizualization.