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What is Energy’s Role in your ESG Strategy?

2022-09-28T11:08:41-07:00September 28th, 2022|

Consumer and capital market pressure are driving most companies to develop Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) strategies. Within the Environmental side of ESG, energy plays a critical role in decarbonization. Impacts are measured across three categories of emissions: Scope 1 = greenhouse gas emissions resulting directly from business operations.

Renewable Energy Certificates

2022-08-17T12:26:39-07:00August 12th, 2022|

What are Renewable Energy Credits or RECs? Technical definition: renewable energy certificates (RECs) are a tradeable, market-based instrument that represents the legal property rights to the “renewable-ness”—or all non-power attributes—of renewable electricity generation. A REC can be sold separately from the actual electricity (kilowatt-hour, or kWh). In simple terms,

VECKTA Closes $3.3M SEED Round

2022-07-20T08:04:44-07:00July 20th, 2022|

VECKTA Corporation Closes $3.3M SEED Round SAN DIEGO , July 12, 2022  VECKTA Corporation, the online energy marketplace that connects commercial and industrial energy users with capital, services, and equipment suppliers, announced today that it has closed a $3.3M institutional SEED round led by VoLo Earth Ventures with supporting participants, Cove Fund, Triple Impact Capital, SeedFolio, She's

Sustainability Stories – Jackson Family Wines

2022-07-20T07:55:08-07:00June 22nd, 2022|

Sustainability Stories: Jackson Family Wines Who Is Jackson Family Wines? At VECKTA, we find a helpful first step to achieving lasting, tangible goals in sustainability is drawing inspiration from other food and beverage companies that successfully use green technology.Jackson Family Wines, a California-based

The Importance of Energy Reliability

2022-07-11T12:44:55-07:00June 20th, 2022|

Energy reliability is essential to the success of any business. Consequently, an aging power grid that is not reliable can cause most business owners to lie awake at night. Especially during major storms, flooding, earthquakes, or wildfires. This is especially true for companies in: Food and beverage production, distribution, and storage Biotech and pharmaceutical

Supply Chain Costs Are Rising : Learn How Onsite Energy Can Help Mitigate the Costs

2022-06-20T09:30:30-07:00June 6th, 2022|

Supply chain costs are rising, and businesses are struggling to mitigate the surge in costs, faced with inflation, rising energy costs, and pandemic-induced consumer demand, business owners bear many new financial challenges. In addition, according to a Federal Reserve survey of CFOs, nearly 90% of companies said they face extraordinary cost increases because of

Sustainability Stories: Barry Callebaut

2022-07-20T07:56:18-07:00May 31st, 2022|

Sustainability Stories: Barry Callebaut Who Is Barry Callebaut? In our most recent sustainable energy stories for food manufacturing, we dive into the inner workings of Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of both chocolate and cacao products in the world, producing over 2.2 million tons of

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