Empowering a Distributed Energy Future.


Putting in your hands the world’s most advanced integrated market platform for microgrids, Distributed Energy Systems, and more.


VΞCKTA comes from “vector”, which means “having, and providing direction and scale.”


VΞCKTA accelerates the energy transition to a more distributed, affordable, safe, reliable, resilient, and low carbon energy future.


Local, globally. VΞCKTA supports local solutions to global challenges with worldwide delivery capabilities.


The VΞCKTA founding team recognized the need for rapid, deep changes to the world’s energy systems.

Meeting this need requires solving complex engineering challenges and connecting many different energy users with the equipment providers, engineers, builders, and investors who collectively can offer complete microgrids and other Distributed Energy Systems (DES).

The VΞCKTA platform meets these requirements by providing the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools, delivering technical and financial optimization, integrated within a marketplace that connects those who need energy, with those who supply equipment, design, build and provide financing for those systems.

VECKTA Platform

Our Values

Challenge Limits

We never accept that something cannot be done solely on the basis of it not having been done before.


Adapt Purposefully

We believe fast, accelerating, widespread change is essential and inevitable this century. We choose proactive change over reactive.


Empower Co-Creation

We prioritize collective success and contribution.