VΞCKTA was born from a diverse team coming together from different personal and professional backgrounds, with unique areas of expertise, while working on the same complex challenges from various angles across their careers. Core values the team members share include aligned vision and passion to create extraordinary business value in the accelerating energy transition, help clients and partners to build a sustainable, thriving future, while having fun along the way!

Gareth Evans

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Gareth is our Leader, strategically and passionately guiding VΞCKTA to success. He believes that it is a privilege to lead, collaborate and work with talented and motivated people. Gareth is committed to constantly evolving VΞCKTA as the world’s leading Energy Transition platform, in harmony with our vision, mission and values, all while having fun along the way!

Previously Gareth lead Worley’s Global Distributed Energy Systems strategy and Power Networks & Systems team, helping the company and its clients successfully navigate energy transition, leading to VΞCKTA.

He is a dad, husband and friend who seeks out adventure at every turn. Most recently he completed Brek Epic, a 6 day race, with his wife – check out the grueling accounts in his LinkedIn Articles.

Tristan Jackson

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

Tristan is our Trailblazer, charting new frontiers in the Energy Transition and DES landscape. He explores market opportunities and establishes proven pathways to cost savings, carbon reduction, and improved energy reliability and resilience for you, our global community, partners, and clients. Tristan lives in the field alongside energy system end users, equipment suppliers, and development partners, co-defining the energy systems and business models of the future. As CSO of VΞCKTA, Tristan combines his deep experience in team building, communication, and problem solving, with technical expertise, tenacity, and excitement for breaking new ground and producing extraordinary results.

He is a husband, outdoor and international explorer, lifelong leader and believer in a thriving, sustainable future for all.

Phillip Shoemaker

Chief Technical Officer

Phillip is our Technologist, who has a passion for creating better products with simple, visually pleasing, and effective user experiences. Having worked in all aspects of software development, Phillip’s love for learning new software technologies, combined with a world class development team at VΞCKTA, are paving the way with new groundbreaking technologies to introduce the VΞCKTA Energy Transition Platform.  

Before joining VΞCKTA, Phillip played a critical role in building the Apple App Store, and has also built technology teams at Palm, Virgin Electronics, Real Networks and more.

He is a husband, dad, and adventurer who loves the outdoors. He spends his time trading cryptocurrency, mountain biking, kitesurfing, and trying to find ways to preserve the planet for future generations – with a focus on technology and sustainability. 

David Ochoa

Chief Financial Officer

David  is our Realist, providing a consistent focus on Commercial Finance Management in all parts of the business with a requirement to establish best practices across the business. David collaborates with our leadership team, business development and operations to secure new work by creating strategic pricing and contracting strategies. David has worked on projects and acquisitions around the world with major project delivery companies in the energy and resource sectors. 

David understands and delivers current and potential financial positions to the business. He serves as our financial partner to distill individual financial transactions and simplify results into an overall company position.

David lives with his family in Houston, TX. 

Our Board of Directors & Technical Specialists

Tony Frencham

Worley Energy Transition Group Director & VECKTA Director

Tony is responsible for Worley strategy and execution planning for the Power Sector and for providing leadership on the Energy Transition. Through a career of over 30 years Tony has successfully established and grown businesses that delivered technical and organisation innovation, addressing both industrial and consumer markets. Having operated in executive leadership roles around the world, Tony’s style reflects the understanding that every business must not only operate well but also change well, and he has been successful in developing teams that can do both.

Tony lives in Melbourne, Australia where he enjoys his time with family, friends, sport and music.

Amrita Karunakaran

Worley VP Services
& VECKTA Director

Amrita is an experienced business leader with a track record of growth. With 20 years of experience in both established and start-up organizations, Amrita has a passion for growing businesses and generating new opportunities in the power, refining and mining sectors in operations and sales leadership roles. Today Amrita leads Worley’s Power Center of Excellence.

Amrita is passionate about supporting young women in engineering and helping them navigate their own professional development. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her two young children and husband, swimming, visiting family all over North America and watching every superhero movie ever made.

John Allen

Worley Director M&A
& VECKTA Director

John is responsible for Worley’s mergers and acquisitions globally. John was the transaction and equity raising lead in Worley’s latest and very significant acquisitions of Jacobs ECR in 2018, $A4.7 billion and Amec FosterWheeler UK in 2017, $A303 million. Prior to this and since 2007 John has held senior roles leading the global tax team, finance and leading the business transformation team. The transformation team was responsible for restructuring the business to be fit for the future.

John lives in the beautiful city of Sydney with his wife and two boys. When he is not working he is watching sport or cooking with the boys.

Adib Nasle


Adib is Founder and CEO at XENDEE. He is the inventor of model predictive control and real-time power analytics for electrical power distribution networks. Previously, Adib was co-founder and president at Power Analytics Inc. He is a Senior IEEE member, teaches microgrid planning and economic optimization at UC San Diego and holds 25 patents in the areas of power system design, optimization, and capacity assessment. He studied finance and accounting at Stanford University GSB, and has an MBA from Pepperdine University GSBM.

Adib lives in San Diego with his wife, son and their two dogs.

Naser Partovi

VECKTA Director

Naser brings over 30 years of experience in investing, managing, and growing new businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Sanitas Health. Prior to Sanitas, Naser was CEO and Director of SKY MobileMedia and Managing Director of Enterprise Venture Capital (EVPC). Naser was also a Director at the La Jolla Music Society, and EvoNexus, a tech start-up incubator in Southern California.

Naser is passionate about helping improve the lives of as many people as possible by leveraging innovative technologies to solve problems through affordable and accessible solutions. He is married, has two daughters, lives in San Diego and loves hiking.

Michael Stadler


Michael is the recipient of the Presidential Science Award from the White House, and is a recognized global authority in Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration analytics. Previously Michael lead all Microgrid and grid-integration research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is the lead developer of the DER-CAM platform, which is recognized as the most advanced economic decision support tool ever created for locational economic optimization of microgrids and hybrid distributed energy systems.

When Michael is not working he is on the beach in Southern California or hiking in the mountains.

Scott Mitchell

XENDEE Co-Founder
and CSA

Scott has been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) every year from 2002 through 2014, and is recognized as one of the Top 40 Alumnus under the age of 40 at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He is a renowned technical authority on Cloud Computing and cyber-secure web application development, and created the Microgrid Information Management platform for the Federal Aviation Administration NAS. Scott has a Master’s in Computer Science from the UC San Diego with an emphasis in data analytics and information retrieval systems.

Scott enjoys hiking, basketball and playing the piano, but his most important accomplishment has been meeting and marrying his beautiful wife and raising their two kids. Scott is based in San Diego and is responsible for all technical development at XENDEE.

Paul Ebert

Group VP Worley New Energy
& Power Networks

Paul Ebert is Group Vice President for New Energy & Networks for Worley, which is a strategy and oversight role covering all of the renewable energy and enabling technologies including energy storage and low carbon hydrogen, as well as the networks area. He is also a champion within the Worley business for the Energy Transition, which is the macro shift occurring worldwide into lower emissions energy options which includes the move to more decentralized energy systems. Paul has been an Advisor to several Governments in the area of electricity generation and until recently Chairman of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) advisory panel, a position he held for four years.

He is based in Newcastle, NSW, where his office 100m from the beach is a good base to indulge his passions of surfing and cycling. He’s also not a bad jazz pianist.

Andrea Ruotolo, Ph.D.

Worley DES
Strategy Lead

Andrea brings over 12 years’ experience in Smart Grid, Distributed Energy Systems (DES), and microgrids, with specialization in strategic innovation, entre- & intra-preneurship, new business models, economic and financial analysis, and new energy policy. Andrea is currently Global Lead of Distributed Energy Systems for Worley. Previously, Andrea served as a lead member and project manager of the “N.Y. Prize” Community Microgrids Initiative, within New York’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) Proceeding.

Andrea earned her Doctorate in Economic, Technical and Social Valuation Models for Microgrids as a Fulbright scholar and certification in Digital Business Strategy from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Andrea loves to travel, interact with new cultures, build teams, read, write, and explore nature.