How It Works



VΞCKTA works hard so you don’t have to. Our user friendly interface easily guides you to the optimal solution for your unique situation and connects you with qualified partners to lower your costs and carbon footprint while improving power reliability and resilience.


Your energy system designed to precisely match your needs. VΞCKTA’s AI powered algorithms effortlessly do the heavy lifting of engineering and capital planning, of least-cost, best-fit solutions tailored to your facility, based on your location, business needs, and investment criteria.


VΞCKTA connects you to the right partners to design, finance and build your microgrid or other Distributed Energy System. We provide transparent, competitive pricing, worldwide support, and an unmatched community of partners, suppliers, investors, and clients.

Optimization +

VΞCKTA uses the world’s leading technology to perform microgrid and Distributed Energy System (DES) technical and financial optimization.



VΞCKTA’s marketplace platform connects energy users with providers to deliver complete microgrids and DES, including financing if desired.




Microgrids Optimized




Core Technologies


Powered by XENDEE, VΞCKTA uses energy load profile data to design Distributed Energy Systems (DES) of all types, customized to meet your objectives. XENDEE is built on the world’s most advanced optimization algorithms for DES, with over 10 years of award-winning software development and over $700M invested in R&D. Our solutions commercialize and embed DER-CAM technology from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), OpenDSS from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and patented XENDEE technology to deliver a proven and complete end-to-end clean energy and resilience modeling platform for energy end users, DES project developers, and financiers. This is the only platform that seamlessly combines technical, financial and operational performance to optimize a customized system for you.

  • >$700M in R&D and >10 years in the making
  • World’s most advanced and awarded microgrid and DES design platform
  • Only tool that combines technical and financial optimization with an online marketplace to provide your complete, right-sized system.

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