5 Microgrid / DES Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

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Although investment in microgrids and other Distributed Energy Systems (DES) is growing at over 10%-37% CAGR (depending on specific technology, e.g. microgrids, 10.6%; distributed storage, 38%), we still see more pent up demand for DES than we see deals signed and projects completed. Why is that? Energy end users want DES, investors want to put

Quick Guide to Distributed Energy Systems (DES)

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This post is a primer quick guide to distributed energy systems and assumes no technical background on the part of the reader. You may have heard terms such as “microgrid”, or “Distributed Energy System (DES)” in the news, especially after storms or fires cause outages impacting large areas. Microgrids are a specific type of DES,

Resilience in the Age of Disruption

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Blackouts at home are annoying. Blackouts in business can be devastating. Since the dawn of the electrical grid, businesses have largely relied on infrastructure outside their control to bring them a safe, reliable supply of electrical power and fuel for thermal loads. For most of the industrial age, this energy supply dependency has been unavoidable

The Simple Way to Secure Your Power

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VECKTA, the Energy Transition Platform™, has arrived. Also, the Energy Transition. Here. Now. Global. Is your business ready? Paraphrasing Hemingway, disruption happens two ways: “Gradually… then suddenly.” Incumbent giants ignore newcomers until too late. The gradual convergence of factors is overlooked until the sudden part hits, when the world tips in a new direction. The