The Goals Tab allows project team members to get a quick snapshot of project goals and objectives. Key milestone dates can be specified, as well as an estimated budget for the project. You can even specify use cases for the project for additional context.

The Goals Tab is also where specify the objective function for the optimization. You have three choices, Cost minimization, Carbon minimization, or both.

If you choose to minimize cost the optimizer will design a system that minimizes the total annual energy cost of the site.

If you choose to minimize carbon emissions the optimizer will design a system that minimizes carbon emissions, both directly produced by generation onsite and indirectly produced through the purchase of electricity from the utility.

If the objective is to minimize carbon emissions you must specify an upper limit on how much you are willing to pay to achieve this goal. The carbon reduction premium represents the additional cost you are willing to ensure on top of your current annual energy cost.

You can also choose to minimize both cost and carbon emissions. In this case VECKTA assumes that you are not willing to pay any more in energy costs than your current annual expenditures.

You also have an option of specifying Resilience as a goal. You can specify a level of resilience on an hourly basis, or 1 day, 3 days, or 2 weeks as levels of resilience.

If resilience is your goal the optimizer will search through your load profile for the entire year and determine the worst case total energy usage for the resilience period specified and ensure that at a minimum the optimized system will meet the facility’s energy needs.



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