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Breweries + VECKTA

An Energetic Partnership.

Sustainable manufacturing processes benefit businesses, their industries, and the planet. Energy is a critical input for all breweries, yet costs are rising, reliability is a growing concern and markets favor companies that cut their carbon emissions.

Onsite energy can address each of these issues and VECKTA makes the process of identifying an optimal system and connecting with vetted suppliers simple.

If you’re interested in exploring an onsite energy system or “microgrid” for your operations based on solar, battery energy storage, EV charging infrastructure, and/or generators, but don’t know where to start? VECKTA offers turnkey project support for:

  • Screening & Assessing your project: VECKTA helps you define your needs and desired outcomes.
  • Designing, Optimizing & Right Sizing: We help you create the right onsite energy system for your unique needs.
  • Financing you project: VECKTA’s online Marketplace helps you find the best financing solution.
  • Build: VECKTA helps you connect with the right services, technologies, installers and suppliers.

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Independent Brewers Alliance

The Independent Brewer’s Alliance + VECKTA

We believe in independent breweries! That is why we have partnered with The Independent Brewer’s Alliance to provide members with discounted access to our Marketplace and supporting services. Interested in learning more about the IBA and how membership might benefit your brewery? Click on the button below.

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But don’t take our word for it…

Looking for some insight from a Brewer’s perspective? Listen to this conversation with Kevin McGee, CEO of Anderson Valley Brewing Company. We discuss Kevin’s journey to establish Anderson Valley Brewing Company as an energy leader in the industry.

“We are quality-obsessed and relentlessly innovative. Energy as we’ve always thought about it, simply from the grid, is changing. Breweries and wineries that embrace this change and move in the direction of on-site energy production will not only cut carbon emissions but save millions”

– Kevin McGee

CEO Anderson Valley Brewing Company

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